Gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

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These two are proof that real love is possible on the Upper East Side. They're toxic as hell, but that's par for the course in , and Chuck's awful behaviour was at least openly acknowledged in the show, so that he had to genuinely change in order to win Blair back.

Vanessa also enlists Blair's help when she finds out a scandalous secret about Catherine.What was surprising was just how well they worked together as a couple, once that threesome with Hilary Duff forced them both to acknowledge the obvious. Had Gossip Girl only lasted two seasons, these two would be number one with a bullet – Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick's chemistry was so off-the-charts that it altered the whole course of the show, right from that first hookup in the back of Chuck's limo.Basically every single good thing that ever happened in Dan's career was because of Vanessa, and she was the only person who could relate to him creatively – even though she was by all accounts a way better writer. The relationship became, for better or worse, the centre of Gossip Girl for pretty much its entire run, but a couple of seriously questionable storytelling choices in seasons three and four made their epic romance uncomfortable to watch.Instead, in some cases, relationships hurt the show drastically.In 's case, sometimes a couple is good at the beginning.

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