Guys dating a single mother

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Please note that we are currently removing all political opinions as part of a trial period.If your post is political and was not caught in the filter, please post it in the politics megathread at the top of the sub. Mind you, my mom wasn't looking for me to have a dad--I had a pretty decent, albeit completely female, support network growing up.So, what I'd really like to know is, how in the world do you know a relationship has long-term potential if you're not going to get in the relationship in the first place?

If you already are - some insight into how you feel about her kid(s). To anyone saying single moms should stay single because it should be all about the kid(s) - This doesn't really make sense to me.

Edit 2: To those guys saying they wouldn't because they don't like kids, don't feel like they're responsible enough, aren't old enough, etc... To those of you saying that single moms (especially single moms under a certain age) are sluts, make bad decisions, etc... Married couples with kids still make time for each other, go on dates, have sex, whatever.

If they didn't, they wouldn't be married.

However no need to post a picture of him, most men are not really into children and i doubt he appreciate being used as a bait (or a repellent) for your loves affairs.

Knowing he is kind and loves football is irrelevant, just talk about you. Please make sure to upvote well written unpopular/controversial opinions, and downvote badly written opinions OR popular opinions.

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