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And then there are the albums that you stick in the back of your collection because you want to forget that you spent money on them.

“Own It or Disown It” gives the writer the opportunity to look at such discarded albums and determine if they are diamonds in the rough or if they deserve to be used as mini-frisbees. Then again, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t put his music on shuffle but hates sorting through i Tunes to pick a new song to listen to.

Bringing together all corners of the musical spectrum: hip-hop, rock, roots, alternative and even jazz, HBMS have put together a seamless cast of players that include: Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), RZA, Jack Johnson, Alex Kapronos (Franz Ferdinand), Mars Volta, Pharell and more.

But I owe this motherfucker a favor So I'ma do this shit Y'all motherfuckers better stay quiet [Verse 1] Open the door, catch ya, coping for more Told you before, velvet, smooth as velour Step in the light, Black Sheep, rep in it right Never we high, too much ebony pride Something to see, scratch that, something ya be Paying my dues, god knows, there's nothing for free Taking it back, paper, making a stack Counter-attack, dance floors, making them crack Running the course, got black, running with force Rocking the spot, got y'all, loving the choice Feeling the flame, Black Sheep, killing the pain Spilling the love, sunshine, feeling the same Setting the tone, Black Sheep, let it be known Cooler than ice, hamming it up, keeping it's own Making it knock, all the way from the writer's block Eatin' ox tails, with cocktails, holding my cock!

Handsome Boy Modeling School consisted of Dan the Automator and Prince Paul dicking around. , received much acclaim, though I think it is far from the best album either man worked on.

That said, it was definitely a hip-hop album, and though it featured a variety of guests (ranging from Sean Lennon to El-P), it felt like a complete piece of work.

White People, on the other hand, is crazy, and not the fun kind of crazy, either.

Of course I keep forgetting Handsome Boy Modeling School’s second album, 2004’s White People exists.

Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Lord Finesse, Mike Shonoda, Chester Bennington, Rahzel, Qbert, Grand Wizard Theodore, Jazzy J, Knockers and Tim Meadows [feat.

Lord Finesse, Mike Shonoda, Chester Bennington, Rahzel, Qbert, Grand Wizard Theodore, Jazzy J, Knockers & Tim Meadows] Handsome Boy Modeling School were Prince Paul (best-known for his work with De la Soul and Stetsasonic) and Dan Nakamura (a.k.a. in 1999 and White People in 2004, collaborating with a mix of diverse artists, ranging from hip-hop heavyweights Del tha Funkee Homosapien and RZA through to The Mars Volta and indie-darling Cat Power.

When people say there's a lot of cameo artists in this album they MEAN IT! After listening to the CD I must say this is definately how hiphop should be always produced.

I was looking up Kid Koala stuff and the name of this all-star duo just caught my attention.

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