Hayden christensen sienna miller dating

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DESPITE being one of the most talented actresses the UK has ever produced, it's Sienna Miller's love life that has helped cement herself as an international star.

As she confirms her new relationship with A-lister Brad Pitt, it's safe to say that the world will be seeing a lot more about the New York-born 37-year-old - regardless of if she's on screen.

Last May she told Vanity Fair magazine that she still cares deeply for the dad-of-five. I care about him enormously." DANIEL CRAIG SIENNA' S 2008 relationship with US actor Balthazar rocketed her to infamy in his native US after he left his wife and four children for her.

While Rosetta went in to hiding with the couple's offspring, Sienna was pictured topless on a boat with him and enjoying loved-up holidays across Europe.

Sienna and Jude briefly reconciled in 2009, but it wasn't to be.

P DIDDY SIENNA befriended rap legend Diddy in 2007 - and it wasn't long before he was pictured entering her New York hotel at 9am after a night of partying.

They went on to party together across the world at a series of exclusive clubs and on yachts.

After their split she dismissed their relationship, saying: "I really thought I was very ready to settle down, but then I realised I wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer.

"When I have a child, it will be probably become my whole life, so I don't want to have any regrets that I should have done more.

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