Hes just not that into you dating

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Are important dates repeatedly forgotten or shrugged off?It’s one thing to forget a birthday; it’s another altogether to forget a birthday and not really care.Sign he’s just not into you: He avoids introducing you to his friends and family.If he cancels on your family, or neglects to tell you his parents are in town until after the fact, he’s probably not into you — especially if you’ve been dating for a while.Yes, he might have the grossest roommate ever and he’s just trying to protect you from rabies or something, but even gross roommates are worth meeting at some point — and hopefully even leave the apartment on occasion.If he can’t share his home with you, he’s not interested in letting you get to know him.Sign he’s just not into you: He guards his computer and phone when you’re around. No one should feel obligated to give up passwords or make their personal email account accessible to anyone.However, if your date consistently closes his laptop when you enter the room, keeps his phone with him when he goes to the bathroom, and behaves in a paranoid manner when you get close to his tech devices, he might be the untrustworthy one, not you.

If you spend all your time at chez boy and he still opposes you leaving anything there, he’s not into you enough to want a daily reminder of your awesomeness.Yes, the old clichés are true: the truth hurts — and it also sets you free. Sign he’s just not into you: He says he’s not relationship material. If he says that he’s not looking for a relationship, he doesn’t believe in marriage, he’s not relationship material, or he’s just “having fun,” don’t try to read beyond those words.Either he’s not into you, or he’s not into commitment in general.Sign he’s just not into you: He won’t make plans in advance.Sure, it might be a little much to expect your new boyfriend to commit to a weekend getaway nine months in the future, but if he’s hesitant to agree to dinner next weekend or a friend’s wedding next month, he’s probably not invested in the relationship.

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