Holly valance who is she dating

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In April 2002 she stormed to the no.1 slot worldwide with summer smash "Kiss Kiss." She later released two additional singles, "Down Boy" and 'Naughty Girl", along with her debut album "Footprints".

In 2005 she won the lead role in the cinema adaptation of the popular video game "Dead Or Alive", playing Christie Allen.

Her parents encouraged her to take the role despite Holly's initial reluctance. Holly Valance quickly became one of Australia's most loved actresses and a household name.

Holly left Neighbours at the age of 19 to concentrate on her music career.

The new Mrs Candy matched her new hairstyle with a gothic look, a purple dress and matching dark lipstick.

It’s always nice to see an Aussie name rubbing shoulders with royals, even if it does make us insanely jealous.

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Shortly after, she landed in the hit TV show Prison Break, playing Nika Volek, a Russian stripper and wife of Michael Scoffield.

Check her online blog at: Nuytens: Holly Valance: When I was young and modeling it was a great experience and introduction into the entertainment industry.

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