Housewife chat room

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I decided to write a light-hearted post about how different our lives are today from our grandmothers and great grandmothers of the 1950s.

We narrowed our focus down to several whom we thought were true representatives of the genre.

What her life was like vs the real life of the woman she represented during this era.

We talk about both the dark and the light sides of this women’s life. Bottom line: The 1950’s Television Housewife was a part of the American culture and a step in the path to where women are today.

in the 1950s would have to return to school, bring their kids home, feed them, take them back to school and clear up, all within an hour at lunchtime.

This also ensured that they had to be at home during the day for the kids. A 50’s housewife would have to shop more frequently at the local shops.

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