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So we start coming back to that app just to see who we can match with and if that person likes us back, but we don’t necessarily have the intention to get offline and meet in person.

What’s your advice to people who are in this cycle of swiping?

Howie Mandel visits "The Talk" Wednesday and dishes on the upcoming season of "America's Got Talent" and new judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough.

"Mel B is doing her Spice Girls tour, and Heidi Klum has this huge thing on Amazon," says Mandel. I'm going to start taping in the next couple of weeks. We haven't had someone that's [been an] expert in dancing [Hough].

Listen in as we raise some questions, find some answers, and have a whole lot of fun as we attempt to answer the question "Why is Everyone Still Single?

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Rude and inconsiderate experience-wonderful, haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

They’re not one or another, they’re not like, “I need to wait till I get to a certain place before I either date or have fun.” And they’re not too, “I’m just gonna goof around,” because it’s too expensive for them. But I would say of the Boston, Massachusetts, desirable dating pool, at least the ones who are probably reading you and want to know, less than half are probably from Boston, and a lot of people look at Boston as a stepping stone to somewhere else. C.” So they’re not 100% diving in and putting all their chips on the table, because they’re not gonna necessarily stick around. It’s like trying to hit a moving train because people’s religious situation is based on how often they go to temple or how often they go to church. So you’re basically saying, “I need to be matched on this one three- or four-hour point every week.” I think that’s a mistake. You know, before you get into how you want to raise your kids, which is a different discussion, I think just in terms of dating, you need to be open to everything. And that’s a mistake by both, because sometimes men, if they’re only looking for green lights, they might be overlooking signals where a woman might be uncomfortable or not reacting or not getting the same reaction they want. BH: Right, so now matter how good it is, the less they trust it. Forty-eight couples that we know of have gotten engaged after first meeting at one of these shows. BH: They feel like, “There’s something wrong with me.” Especially the women.

What’s the biggest mistake men make in approaching dating? On the other hand, if a woman is just constantly looking for red flags, it’s a negative way to go into dating. We’ve got a lot of guys coming to our show, and they’re like, “I don’t understand. And that doesn’t even count the hundreds and hundreds who exchange their mindset, or their thinking, or their fears. There’s very active congregating, and communicating, and adding a little wine goes really, really far. Once women realize it’s not so easy for the men, they really like that. The men are afraid of being rejected, and the women are afraid of being hurt. It’s sometimes women against men; it’s sometimes women against women.

And then, of course, in the conversation, if you like 80% of the things you’re talking about, and 80% of someone’s profile, go out and meet in person, because it’s the only way to see if there’s real chemistry. Should you hold out for the spark, or is sometimes “nice enough” enough?

SB: I think that “spark” isn’t quite the right word, because I really caution people actually away from looking for that intense spark or chemistry.

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