Htc p3400i gene 100 rom updating

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Apart from that, you will also need the serial number of your device.This can be found behind the battery on your device or on one side of the packaging box in which your device came. What is SPL, Why it needs patching, and what are the things i need to keep in mind? SPL or Second Program Loader is a part of your phone's firmware.

By Default, HTC and Other Manufacturers too, design it in such a way that it does not allows custom ROMs to be flashed in the phone.But if you have any unsaved data, like an open, edited word file or a text message half written and not saved, they will be lost. Hard reset is something that needs to be done when there is some problem with the phone that is not being solved using any standard method or restarting the phone.This method erases all the files and data in phone memory (not SD card) and makes your phone as it came new from factory or just after a fresh ROM upgrade.However, this is also not a concrete basis to decide the version of SPL. It will work properly if your device is an old gene. If it fails and your phone becomes dead, just follow the instructions for using Gene Unbricker for new gene and your phone will be back again. But if this ROM is not exactly the version your phone originally came with, this will brick your device and you'll have to take it to service center. Even bigger problem arises when your phone came with Wm 6 originally and you try to downgrade it to WM 5.So i recommend to follow these steps, These should work for any Gene without problem. This way, your new gene will be flashed with Orefkov's method. Are there any precautions that i need to take when selecting a ROM for flashing to my device? Yes, there are indeed some things that you need to keep in mind before making mind to flash a ROM. This will certainly brick your device and force you to take it to service center.

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