Ib biology carbon dating

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The mother gave birth to a sheep genetically identical to that of the donor cell organism.

Cloning by embryo splitting is an earlier method with differences in the method by which a clone is achieved.

The project is an international cooperative one, with laboratories in many countries involved.

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Recombinant DNA When DNA is spliced into a vector, the newly-formed product is known as recombinant DNA.PCR PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, was developed by Kari Mullis for the purpose of amplifying DNA obtained from crime scenes. In just a few hours, DNA can be replicated millions of times.In the procedure, DNA Polymerase uses nucleotides and primers to replicate a small sequence of DNA so that it is visible when comparing DNA obtained from a crime scene with samples. Denaturation - breaks Hydrogren bonds, splits them with heat 2. Extension - DNA Polymerase adds nucleotides to the DNA sequence 4.Genetic engineering enables individuals to change viruses so that they can more easily introduce DNA into cells of more complex organisms, creating more complex and advanced recombinant DNA.Human Genome Project The human genome project aims to find the location of all of these genes on the human chromosomes and the base sequence of all of the DNA that makes them up.

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