Importance of validating feelings

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Similarly, you might regularly confirm your choice of clothes with someone else. You desire to get accepted by others and feel accomplished.Turns out, seeking validation and encouragement are everyday activities for most of us.As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (a psychology theory), esteem and love/belonging are an essential component of human motivation. We share photos and update statuses in the hope of getting approved by our Facebook friends.A great validation-seeking example from our daily life is Facebook. When the “you look gorgeous” comments and ‘hearts’ flow in we feel happy.Psychologists call such a group of people with a shared identity as an in-group.Occasionally, you might choose to value yourself based on the opinion of your in-group.If you regularly seek such validation, then it might escalate to become your NEED. Your sole goal might change into pleasing people around you – even if it conflicts with your internal values and feelings.

(Even Donald Trump repeats his arguments couple or more times. Even if you’re confident of your opinion about yourself, be open to receiving criticism.

Now go find out what’s right for you and take action. Another earlier study went to the extent of recommending that people with low self-esteem shouldn’t use Facebook.

Now since I don’t have any tips to let go of your need for external validation, let’s move on to how to prevent yourself from falling from a bias.

And you need not end up going down cliched life paths (due to the herd instinct).

Eventually, you should start to view life clearly with your unique perspectives. It’s easy to high-five yesmen that boost your ego and disregard the naysayers as bullshitters. ​Sure you might have lived in the mountains for a month to find out your opinions of yourself and gotten over your obsession for external validation.

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