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And women their age are appreciated as colleagues, friends, interesting companions - not even mistresses... The answer is simple: do not postpone the wedding to the last line of the track record. Otherwise, you share the fate of the cicada - who spent the summer singing...

It is much easier for Latvian girls under 30 years of age to marry a man, still present at that age, and children are rarely an obstacle.

The second option is that the creation of the family was not of paramount importance: it studied, worked, climbed the career ladder, acquired housing... They need a husband like her who has also been successful and well behaved.

On the other hand, will it be the case of a solitary, intelligent, discriminating and self-sufficient beauty? At the slightest problem - it is easier for her to chase away man than to make compromises...

He made a sad observation: if you want to get a smile from the child, it is better not to talk to the children about their father, otherwise the mood drops suddenly.

Fathers have either disappeared from their lives or otherwise it is impossible to associate them with something joyful. I'm not going to discuss the prospect of getting married after 40 years.

Here, we must first answer the question: why did a Latvian woman reach this age without a husband and children?

If there was no man in her life before that age because she was expecting an ideal prince on her white horse - it is a sad case.

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