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Add a Content Editor web part and place the following Java Script inside the html part of it.You will need to replace the bolded id below with your own. In most browsers you can right click on the submit button and click inspect element to find it.Failed Solutions I tried with the following approaches and failed: Procedure The following is the procedure to implement the solution. Choose "Actions" "Add Field"For Data type select "Choice (allow multiple selections)". Drag and Drop the new field Product Code from the fields list to the form. (In our case only Code field exists.) Enter the name for the data connection.Step 1: Delete existing field Delete the field from Share Point. Step 4: Add Data Connection Now the new field and control is missing data-population. (You may use the Suffix as DS.) Click the "Finish" button to save the changes.The solution is as follows: Create an Info Path form the way you usually would.In Share Point, place an Info Path form web part into a web part page.Click on the "Add" button to create the data source. You should see the item insertion has succeeded without any errors.You can try with multiple-value checking and being displayed in the view mode too.

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That chapter s On Your Own section included exercises for flagging some erroneous date values.

You use similar expressions as data validation rules, but data validation doesn t just highlight text box controls with bad or suspect data.

Data validation errors display a red asterisk or apply a dashed red border to controls containing entries that violate the rules.

It does support Excel style functions that we can use to create useful column validation formulas.

Below you will find column validation examples for: Matches: 123-123-1234 Does not match: 123-123-12345 Match a phone number and make sure only digits have been used: The first example here is not a true pattern match.

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