Intimidating quotes for sports

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Professors there promoted Marxism, engaged in active recruitment of students amenable to Marxist ideas, and damaged the careers of those who were anti-Marxist.

In those days it was done very quietly, administratively.

Peak performance can only happen from this state of personal trust.

When the chips are on the line you must trust your ability, trust your training, trust your instincts, reflexes and nerve, and let the good performance effortlessly flow out of you. You earn it from the physical dues that you pay every day in your training. Without consistent hard work on your part it’s virtually impossible for you to trust your skills or your nerve when the chips are all on the line.

If you relax and trust yourself, then you will never wilt under the hot lights and high heat of competitive pressure. “The secret to success is doing the best that you can do. By working hard and practicing the skills that you need to perform, the results will take care of themselves.

Being successful is about doing your best.” Barbara Ann Cochran – Gold medal Olympic skier DR G’S COMMENTS: In today’s highly competitive world, far too many athletes get distracted by what their competition is doing. Limits and handicaps are placed in your life for you to overcome them. Our world is a never ending testimony how in every impossible resides a “possible.” Question your limiting beliefs. Train yourself on a daily basis to get in the habit of trying to do the impossible.

Plus, of course, friendship—though I like to think that my reaction would have been the same if I hadn't known Salman at all.

G’S COMMENTS: The interesting thing about you as an athlete and an individual is that you never really know what your limits are performance-wise.If you dared speak up for America or economic freedom, you were persecuted. It is preferable to avert one’s eyes from such a situation, and very unpleasant to experience it directly; that is why those singled out for persecution were never defended.They were hung out to dry, and nobody dared interfere. Simply put, you can always do better than you think, you can always do better than your best.When you are able to both relax and trust yourself under pressure, it is then and only then that you begin to catch a glimpse of exactly what you’re capable of.

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