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is said to gift the kisser with skills of flattery and eloquence.

Besides flattery, the Blarney Stone is also associated with wit, humor, and the charm that many quick-talking Irish folks pride themselves on.

Inisheer is one of the only places left in Ireland that still speak Irish (Gaelic, for you non-Irish folk) and only began using electricity in 1973(! Bike rentals are offered right next to the ferry dock, which we highly recommend taking advantage of.

This small but captivating island packs a punch—from shipwrecks to castles to a panoramic view of the Cliffs of Moher, Inisheer Island is charming, otherworldly, and a must-visit spot in Ireland.

The size of these basalt columns vary over the 25 miles of the causeway, but the largest measure up to 82 feet tall and 20 inches wide.

The causeway is located on the shore of Northern Ireland near the town of Bushmills.

There’s truly nothing more calming or beautiful than star gazing while gliding across the waters of Lough Hyne on a kayak.

(large seabirds), making it the second-largest gannet colony in the world.

Eerie but welcoming, the tour of Leap Castle is well worth it and exciting if you’re into horror and haunted houses.Trust us when we say you’ve never greener green or more idyllic beauty than you will along the Ring of a protected national monument that holds burials and stones from the Neolithic and Iron Age (circa-400 CE).Bonus: you can also spot where is a must-do while you’re in Dublin.The seven-story storehouse tour takes you through the history of Guinness, how the delicious stout is made, and even features a couple of tastings along the way.

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