Is dating a best friend a good idea inaccurate dating of the pregnancy

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It’s no secret that dating a friend is an exciting, but a scary, idea.Chances are you’re already comfortable with that person, so you get to skip over all the awkward “getting to know you” stages of a relationship.

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It's really important to talk about what would happen to the relationship if it didn't work out, or if it did.At the same time, after considering it for a minute or two, I realized that if I give it a try, my reluctance could create a weird dynamic which could very well do serious damage to the friendship--maybe as much as a failed romance would. --because there doesn't seem to be much else to explain it.I also wondered if my hesitation had to do with a (lingering? Yet, the lack of sexual heat was an indisputable fact.But what, if anything, should you do about your crush?Should you try to kill your feelings, or should you actually ask your friend out?

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