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Figured he'd be another online pal I met face to face. But I am grateful forever that he was in my life and for the time we had together.

When he got off the plane, he dropped an arm around my shoulders and I felt like I'd come home. My buddy's girlfriend's cousin came up from Florida to visit her family in Michigan back in the late 90s. She went off to college, I finished up college, life went on in separate states.

She came to class one day with her homework typed out. Met online on a Buffy message board, where we were introduced by a mutual online friend. The simple version was that I met her during a creative writing class.

I asked her if she did anything besides study; she said "I go out of I'm asked." That put my 15 year old brain into freeze mode for a while but it eventually got functional enough to ask her out. Chat, then massive phone bills, then massive plane bills. 12, I proposed exactly one year later, married exactly one year after that. We met in November, 1987, in the "back room" of a gay theater. I was the only one about her age and I also wrote SF/fantasy, which she liked to read.

And I am sure it is very good))) I am a normal person with my character, with my special traits and with my ability to love and share. more about Lilia from Odessa I'm the one who knows how to live in this world and how to make a man HAPPY. I'm a ROMANTIC and I have DREAMS that I would like to ...Well I was just curious to know how people here met their partner or husband or SO and I would also like to know if there are any funny stories and who asked who to go out in a relationship also with them.And is it the case that you got married or have done other things together in a certain place?She called her dad for instructions and asked how n=much oil she needed. She misunderstood and just added five quarts to her car without draining any out..I Got some tools and drained her oil, changed the filter and added new oil. (As it turned out, she had never eaten Mexican food or anything else spicy) This was May 19th, 1972. I had become convinced that I'd never meet anyone who'd stick with me more than a few months, if that.

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