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Elaborate costumes are designed around each group's particular and highly guarded theme. The Bahamas 242-322-6250/3; fax: 242-322-6546 Further Reading Barlas, Robert.

Materials have evolved from at-hand, "junk enough" to six simple items: corrugated cardboard, crepe paper, aluminum rods, tie wire, contact cement and glue.

Contact and Web Site Government of the Bahamas Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture E.

Former striker who was a member of the Norwegian national team from 1998 to 2011 and spent his club career with a number of teams, most notably Aston Villa from 2007 to 2011. John was born in 1970s, in the middle of Generation X generation.

Observance To prepare for the festival, participants made drums out of animal skins stretched over frames and other musical instruments from animal bones, sticks, and triangles.

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Junkanoo paraders' attire was composed of at-hand materials, such as shrubs, leaves, stones, bottles, and paper.This African chief was born around 1720 in Ghana along the Ivory Coast.Reputed to be influential in the West Indian slave trade, John Canoe reportedly outwitted the Dutch and English, gaining control of Fort Brandenbury on the coast of Ghana, which furthered his hero-like status among his people.In the West Indies, slaves were given three days off per year - January 1, December 25, and December 26 - with permission granted to perform cultural observances on the first and last of these dates (see also West Indies Emancipation Day).West Indian practices spread with slaves taken to the port cities of North Carolina, where they carried on the tradition at Christmas, calling it Johnkankus, John Kooner, or a similar name (see also Slaves' Christmas).

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