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v=f AWAqx Wt L8g So it's rather small speeds but at least rocks are bigg-ish.

@acali: I have a DD Shorty Max Grip and it feels amazing compared to Magic Marry SG.

Put the tire insert on, roll over the rock again, does it cause a flat???

I must say this though and it applies to the huck norris, it might prevent dints to the rim but it will more likely cause flat spot. Just look it up youtube ghetto procore @Rasterman: Exactly But no PB "review" ever documented anything of any use. Like when Kashmoney RF parts were released they were spendy!I guess if you had a narrow rim it could theoretically be more likely for inside of the tyre contacting the ground to push the outside causing burping.The thing is, guys at HN say you can run the pressures you want.That happens in all aspects of a consumer driven industry.I am suggesting that the actual brands that set these "suggested" retail prices are not going to redistribute savings to the customer.

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