Laws about dating in texas

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Under Texas law, a reckless action is one that the alleged offender commits without considering the outcome.

He or she may commit the action without conscious intention to harm another person.

Kidnapping, unlawful confinement, and criminal threats may be considered as domestic violence actions if the action happens at home.

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Other aggravated domestic assault types are considered second-degree felonies in Texas.Some charges of domestic violence are prosecuted as felonies in Texas.Even when an accuser agrees to drop charges against you, the district attorney’s office may decide to proceed to try the case anyway.If convicted of a domestic violence charge, you face jail or prison, monetary fines, violence counseling, community service and, of course, a permanent criminal record that will affect employment or education prospects as well as personal relationships for the rest of your life.A conviction can also mean you’re forced to cease contact with a spouse, children, or other close relationship.

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