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Frankly, I've created half a dozen Zope sites over the last four years, two of them fairly active medium-sized sites ( and ), and Zope is basically just a fancy-pants container for my Python scripts. I know I'm not using the "full power" of Zope, but as a container for Python scripts and with the power of acquisition - one of my absolute favorite aspects of Zope 2 - it makes development a snap.Aaron _______________________________________________ Zope maillist - [email protected] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding!Cleanup and some refactoring has been done, and some Products are now part of the core.You an find most of the documentation in interfaces files right now which is a good thing offcourse, and you can use zope3 technologies if you like, a much cleaner way of development then old skool Zope 2 products.-- Martijn Jacobs Four Digits, Internet Solutions a: Willemsplein 15-1 6811 KB Arnhem NL e-mail: [email protected]| web: 31 (0)26 44 22 700 | fax: 31 (0)84 22 06 117 _______________________________________________ Zope maillist - [email protected] ** No cross posts or HTML encoding!** (Related lists - ) I think this is a great idea as it works with the Plone collective this way as well.

And anything that's tricky to do in DTML/ZPT should probably be in a Python script anyway.So that's why I mention this quote : Martijn, I'm very curious about the status, plan or purpose of the new zope.org?I think if the new site gets rid of all the outdated stuff, learn from the website (or even use it as a boiler plate, they really did a great job I think), include some nice documentation based on tutorials like for example (Phillip has some nice tutorials as well) it would feel so much better for all the Zope 2 developers who are still out there, and for the new developers who want to use it, but now have the feeling that Zope 2 is a dead end.But the core of Zope 2 has changed a lot, while still being compatible as much as possible.I think the Zope 2 developers and release manager(s) deserve a lot of credits and respect for that.

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