List the configuration options available for updating the os

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Typically you need to add permissions when you reference these resources by name in other sections or files.

If an update fails, you can find the reason for the failure on the Managed Updates page.

In rare cases, an update might not be scheduled for the first coming maintenance window.

If this happens, the system tries again during the next maintenance window.

Patch version updates provide bug fixes and performance improvements, and can include minor configuration changes to the on-instance software, scripts, and configuration options.

Minor version updates provide support for new Elastic Beanstalk features.

Immutable updates update your environment without taking any instances out of service or modifying your environment, before confirming that instances running the new version pass health checks.

In an immutable update, Elastic Beanstalk deploys as many instances as are currently running with the new platform version.

If the new set of instances passes all health checks, Elastic Beanstalk terminates the old set of instances, leaving only instances with the new version.If you're using your account's monitoring service-linked role for your environment, you can't enable managed platform updates.The service-linked role doesn't have the required permissions.Elastic Beanstalk regularly releases platform updates to provide fixes, software updates and new features.With managed platform updates, you can configure your environment to automatically upgrade to the latest version of a platform during a scheduled maintenance window.

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