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Then the mometit of the rcaullnnt equnli thi- mim of mi Mneot* of the MTeral force*, regaid being bad in the t^tu of the momontii.

Tnlie the momunta of the fnnve und of their re^iull AOt with respwl In any one point Ju the plane.

Ia ma Jcing tlieu ^whi Jatbc waata of tbo gcottn] nador havo b Mnall Mldad , the nain objeci of the Editor ha* hc«n to naia the book more laaaiezt-book forti Mtctadcot ofphyneal Bcienoe. The aam^ experimeiti lada with two tqitsl piece* of ([lus which am poliahed and fcdf plane.

Aooordimgljr, ngarda oew matter, th« main additioos hare bees in tho M •nbjccta which are calcolaled to take a penuazieni pbce in elemcntaiy ia Mractioti. When tber are prnaed uni Md t: uyri w Brti OB (br e Ui Cidt Tii/ sctria SMd* br S*- Iteww H 17 mad Stt T k« fa«d ibr SJUVt TATKIK ASti HOUCn-U ATTUCTIOX.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with librai'ies to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Tbe aame naulla wuk ubuuued when othnr «iibatance» d, euch aa ttttor, laid, K^**"' und, m Ui, wood, wiiti'|.tii«m» ill HIM.

Public domain books belong to the public and we Lue merely Iheir custodians. auil Hr ^Bi^Jki^* ""I"-' y" llo'hi.- uppti^l ■ ifiral upriag ^^ I^FII^Mr iift Uni'tf of » watch.

an action andreactkui, to W, and thf tbiead u nid to f DHtaiu a tewion W.

If tho point about which the (uomectn arc inciunired be taken in tho diraclion of tho nw Dltant, it* moment with re«pocl to that point will h« mo ; and conanjueutlf the aum of the momenta with irapect to audi point will be lero. & tk Bd Sca«t Un.~W Ktrotcbcd by two equal fonxa, t U.

We encourage Ihe use of public domain materials for these purposes and maybe able to help. i Hf THVIIEBIS Tu K Er« Co KKiu KOED A« *w Ot Ttcu. the wvi^ht di •nd cniim* th« wliei^l to turn imlil it* million in nnvsti^d by tbit othnr n; which in omf Miuenci.' of thi" iimtioii up the peudiilitm will he hmu^ into contact with atiothi T uxitb of ihc!Google This is a digita J copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. wjili ' t Muit; of K^Tity I at tbc kvol of ikn ae* it m, tecariing lo Sa Iwif, 3M3074 mrh-M al the Rqjunim- f St.ll has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enler Ihe public domain. TIoiimm i, 80-13063 „ ai Ijjiic Iun.a Dd SO^Mai „ at Hpiubcr^m.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country lo country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Aa a fnrthur i^onivquci K-i' of thr Hattenlnii nt th* polif, iht Fig. On the banffi Mv, the furcv i-r (Tity mcnnaea •* we pan ^m the Id eilber pole, tu c Dtunqnencn of tliti rotation of the earth. lli« flaluniiifr of tht^ nit Ui ha, and it« lutnlioa, roacin- in producing an inrn'Htiii in tha bro M uf g Twvity Mlb« o Wrrvr Icavua th««4UBtoi and npprja^hi M b3 OUrf TATIOK AXIt Wl UCt TLAH ATTIUnl CIK. In lurge miuwi of liciuid*, lbs tarn of irratity •i Ti'K^in M that vl rahr'niiin.Please do not assutne that a book's appearance in Google Book Search meatis it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Ilom-i^ liqnidi ai Med upon by the formi-r fiircc ha Te no sp Mtal ahapr ; tliey lake that ot the TPi^fl in irhii-h tbny arv eniilnjacd. T bund, niid liquids proa BDl k Xhvn thw »|idal form.

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