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For Yemen Post The present situation in Yemen can be best described as "The Emperor has new Clothes and "the Rape of Yemen" and UN providing the cover.Possible Turkey fallout and Iran advances are not necessarily related.The Yemeni Foreign Ministry blasted the takeover as “a coup against the organizations of the legitimate state,” in a statement posted on Twitter. Hadi and his ministers spent most of their time in Saudi Arabia, shielded from the conflict at home.Yemen’s conflict began in 2014 when rebels known as the Houthis took over the country’s northwest, including the capital, Sana. The fighting in Aden pitted two forces that were supposed to be on the same side — separatists and Hadi loyalists, both of whom are anti-Houthi — against each other. Hadi’s forces while the Emirates supported the secessionists, making the fight an accidental proxy battle between two powerful Gulf allies.

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After four years of fighting, the president declared the end of that conflict in 2008, but the security situation in Sa'ada remains unstable.

By contrast, South Yemen, which gained its independence from Britain in 1967, was the only Marxist regime in the Arab world.

The two countries' attempts to unify were long hindered by political differences, including two wars, but the process was accelerated in part by the end of the Cold War.

A 1994 civil war between northern and southern factions ended with the victory of the close circle of tribal, sectarian, and military groups led by Ali Abdallah Salih, who had ruled North Yemen since 1978 and remains united Yemen's president to date.

Yemen has a vibrant civil society and media that do not shy away from criticizing the government.

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