Mexican dating rituals

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Hot peppers (often served in a red or green sauce) and salt are the most-common condiments.

Maize tortillas are often served on a plate alongside main dishes, and the smell of toasted or burned corn permeates many households.

But, notwithstanding the vast range of lifestyles and class-based opportunities in Mexico, some similarities are widely shared.

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However, even poor Mexicans have begun consuming portions of processed foods that have arrived in the form of cheap imports.

Many males believe that their self-identity is tied to displays of , in reference to the Virgin Mary.

Although many Mexicans have broken away from those molds, violence and discrimination against women remain major concerns.

Although a middle class has struggled to expand in the cities, the principal division is between the wealthy well-educated elite and the urban and rural poor, who constitute the vast majority of the population. An increasing proportion of the rural population is landless and depends on day labour, often at less than minimum wages, for survival.

In many areas, but particularly in the northern half of the country, large landholders form an agricultural elite.

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