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Distraught, Korra ran back to her parents, apologizing to them for the pain she caused, and Tonraq apologized in return for holding her back.

When Senna revealed that they knew Korra would eventually no longer need them, the Avatar insisted that she still needed them and the family shared a hug, only for the moment to be interrupted by Unalaq, who arrested Tonraq and Senna.

With a final hug, both father and daughter departed on their separate ways.

Later, when Korra returned to the Southern Water Tribe to close the spirit portals and stop Unalaq, her mother informed her the Southern rebels had been severely injured and her father had been captured by Unalaq.

Tonraq expressed his sadness, telling Korra that he was sorry that he had failed her, but the latter did not relinquish hope, stating that they still had a chance.They discovered she was the Avatar when Korra began bending water, earth, and fire at only four years old.They were supportive of their young daughter, enough so to let her travel to Republic City and follow her destiny.Korra's relationship with her father suffered tension when, at the Glacier Spirits Festival in 171 AG, she found out that it was he and Tenzin who made the decision to keep her locked up in the Southern Water Tribe compound.This decision only further convinced the Avatar to take in Unalaq as her spiritual mentor.

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