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Because of their sacred nature, garments are not sold in retail stores or manufactured by outside companies; they can be purchased at various church-owned stores throughout the world (often attached to temples), or online at one of the LDS church's websites. Mormons are taught that by putting on "the whole armor of God"--a Biblical metaphor regularly employed in LDS discussions of the subject--they are afforded protection from temptation, in that they have a physical reminder not to sin. Just as cheating spouses ignore the vows symbolized by their wedding ring, plenty of garment-wearing Mormons sin.

Mormons have developed a strong sense of commonality that stems from their doctrine and history.

During the 19th century, Mormon converts tended to gather to a central geographic location, and between 18 a minority of Mormons openly practiced plural marriage, a form of religious polygamy.

For the "Mormon Church", see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormons are a religious and cultural group related to Mormonism, the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity, initiated by Joseph Smith in upstate New York during the 1820s.

For the movement started by Joseph Smith, see Latter Day Saint movement.

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