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Learn more about WGU's tuition and how it compares.The ultimate test of your degree's value is whether it helps you become an outstanding employee and advance your career.The WGU MSN – Education curriculum is evidence-based.Competencies for this specialty were derived from the National League for Nursing Nurse Educator standards and the Master’s Essentials for Professional Nursing practice.Our happy grads—and their happy employers—confirm that WGU is the path to that kind of degree. WGU seeks to admit individuals who have the capacity and determination to complete a rigorous WGU degree program…and graduate.The admission process is designed to help you and the university reach an informed decision about your likelihood of success. Consequently, not every applicant is admitted because not every individual has the capacity and determination to complete a rigorous WGU degree program. You may talk to an Enrollment Counselor without paying the application fee, but the fee must be paid before you can be admitted.

Nurse practitioner programs—including Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and post-MSN NP certificate programs—can be among the most competitive.

WGU Night Owls may be independent learners, but they also become highly engaged in our active alumni community through apps, groups, and events.

Healthcare and nursing employers want employees with the credentials that prove they can help improve patient care while streamlining facilities and strengthening their reputations.

One factor commonly considered for enrollment in post-graduate nursing programs is grade-point average (GPA) from previous college work.

The nature of WGU’s competency-based model means WGU graduates do not have a GPA when they earn their degree.

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