My blackberry is not updating emails

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You can set up email on your Black Berry device using a POP3 or IMAP4 connection to your account.This means you will only be able to sync email on your device.Be sure that you've entered the exact settings for each email account you want to access.

Begin by launching "Setup" and select "Email Accounts" -- if prompted, click "Internet Mail Account" and enter your user name and password as well.If you're using a Black Berry 10 device, set up your email using Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.Exchange Active Sync lets you synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts, tasks, and memos.The process requires you to access your device's main account settings and works in a slightly different manner on Black Berry OS 7 and Black Berry OS 10.Click "Configure" from the main menu of the free Black Berry Desktop Manager and set the options so the data you intend to sync is transferred into the desktop Outlook app.

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