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Solution 9 – Disable automatic driver updates If you’re 100% positive that all drivers are properly installed (hence, there are no yellow exclamation points in Device Manager), we advise you to disable the automatic update for drivers in Windows 10.We already said that faulty GPU drivers are the probable cause of sudden restarts, but, even if you install proper drivers, Windows Update tends to replace them automatically. Here’s how to disable automatic driver update and stick with working driver versions rather than with the latest ones: Solution 10 – Test your RAM for errors Back in the days, the first indications that something’s wrong with your RAM were sudden restarts.To do that, follow these steps: Solution 3 – Uninstall your antivirus If you’re having random restarts, this can be caused by your antivirus software.Users have reported that Kaspersky antivirus is sometimes the cause for a random restart on Windows 10, so if you’re using Kaspersky antivirus, you might want to temporarily uninstall it or upgrade it to a newer version.

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Solution 5 – Change your power plan to High performance If you’re having random restarts on Windows 10, sometimes the best solution is to change your power plan to High performance.Luckily, there’s an alternative which concerns Registry tweaks.Now, as we all know, Registry is the unwelcome territory for inexperienced users.Of course, without the RAM inserted your system won’t boot at all.However, if there are some RAM errors at hand, it’ll boot and crash frequently.

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