Nasa updating technology for space travel

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According to the NASA website, civilian astronauts earn a yearly salary between ,724 and 1,715.There have been, however, certain perks to the job.NASA basic and applied research efforts build our nation’s technological capability, stimulate our global economic competitiveness, create jobs, and impact our daily lives.Today, there are space technology projects in development across all the NASA centers, academia, and industry.(NASA) Today, NASA announced the selection of three Technology Demonstration Missions that will transform our nation’s space communications, deep space navigation, and in-space propulsion capabilities.These missions will develop and fly a space-based optical communications system, a deep space atomic clock, and a space solar sail—technologies crucial for America’s ability to travel into deep space.

Perhaps most notable was the case of NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who attempted to kidnap and murder the girlfriend of fellow astronaut William Oefelein, with whom he was having an affair.On the International Space Station, a pathfinder robotic refueling experiment is underway.This joint NASA/Canadian Space Agency experiment is designed to prove the tools, technologies, and techniques needed to robotically repair and refuel satellites in orbit.When Alan Shephard showed up for space training in 1959, he was driving a 1957 Corvette.Quickly realizing what a boon having astronauts drive their vehicles could be, General Motors offered “special” (practically free) lease terms to them.

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