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(While using different terms to denote gender differences has fallen out of style, traditionally the female form of “testator” was “testatrix”.) Distribution of A Florida Estate When Someone Dies Intestate When someone dies intestate with a surviving spouse and either no children or only children with the surviving spouse, the surviving spouse receives the entire estate.

After that scenario the code defines multiple other possibilities.

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Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales follows the tradition of informing citizens about the country’s founding documents in their native languages.

A Florida resident who dies without a valid Will dies “intestate”.Wills From Other Jurisdictions Many jurisdictions have requirements differing from those of Florida.Wills executed in those jurisdictions according to their law will be recognized as valid in Florida.There are certain probate advantages if an affidavit of the Will’s authenticity is signed by the testator and the two witnesses before a notary the Will is “self-proven”.Such a “self-proven” Will may be probated in a simplified procedure.

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