New u p aunty sex

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They were a Tamil f****y, parents Mohan (52) and Sudha (45) and daughters Vanita (25) and Harita (21) .

Mohan was an executive with a big firm, heavy smoker and drinker; Sudha, his wife 5’4”, above average looks, a slightly dusky complexion and little plump for her age.

The staircase leading to my quarters was right next to the window of Mohan and Sudha’s room.Nonetheless she was still a tad depressed, and I understood only later why that was the case. Me: No one will know as long as it is inside the house. I knew that she wanted to try her new seduction techniques on me. After 2 weeks, she invited me over to lunch, her daughter were out. She was wearing nice make-up, for the first time after her husband’s death, and d****d in a fully transparent yellow sari, low neck sleeveless blouse that accentuated her ripe melons, and a low hip sari.Once when I was going to my room upstairs, I heard her voice, saying those dirty words. Do you have a nephew or any other boys in your f****y that you trust? Her sari was so tight fitting that when she turned around, I just wanted to pounce and bite her ass.Over the next few days, out topic was more about sex. To tease her, I told that I only meant as a joke for her to wear all these, and she took me my joke seriously.Me (posing as 50 year widow): Sudha, how do you meet you physical needs? I am a widow, I have to control them Me: I am a widow too, and I do not control them, but satisfy them fully. She was angry with me, and immediately left the place.

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