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Brooke Sorenson is the next stunner on this list who ended up getting cozy – and QUICK – with a baseball (now former) player that goes by the name of Laynce Nix. That name alone screams ‘edgy.) He first signed onto the Texas Rangers 14 years ago, while Brooke was both a choreographer for the Miami Dolphins, and a cheerleader for the famous Dallas Cowboys.If you were hoping she and Nix had an unhappy ending, your heart is about to unfortunately break: they are happily together and her social media tends to be locked on private. This next girl is a toughie, and a total hottie all in one package.It’s the cycle of life: the hottest cheerleader ends up hooking up with one of the top athletes on the team – hot or not.It’s been this way since the start of high-school, and it’s engraved into the minds of millions around the world.As we mentioned, making it onto this team is something a woman is honored to do, especially those that grew up dancing or being on a cheer squad.The auditions are rigorous and not only do you have to be talented, but you have to be gorgeous, as well.It wasn’t until she met Ladislav Smid on a road trip with the team that she dived into the world of dating a man in the sport.You may not recognize his name with the Mighty Ducks because he was traded fairly quickly before he made a name for himself.

Let’s dive into 15 of the hottest cheerleaders and who they’re seen snuggling up to.While most cheerleaders go for those that are at their current peak, that didn’t stop Abigail from wanting to get hot and heavy with Aikman.Because of their age difference, the news of their relationship has spread faster than you could say “NFL”.Ladislav on the other hand, is no longer an NHL player, but he does play hockey in his home country.We don’t think you’ll be too surprised at the team we’re showing next: the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

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