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I never believed a few years later I would be able to count them amongst my friends.

The OCR community is one of the most open and inclusive groups out there.

Eventually people accept this is who you are, and once you get past the showing off stage (although there are some so good we can’t help but post them on Facebook), you barely even notice them anymore.

And eventually you’ll stop asking the online community whether you can get away with this shirt or skirt with them showing. For me it didn’t actually happen on my very first race, but on my first longer race.

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Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.The quest for her health lead her into the world of OCR, and she is now addicted to being fit, healthy and strong. a 27-year-old Boston resident who works as a marketing consultant.By night/weekend, she is a bad-ass on course pushing herself past pre-conceived limits.But I never thought about what would happen after I did my first race.Whilst I never thought past my first race, I’m now five years into obstacle course racing and can’t help but look ahead with excitement, and sometimes, a little trepidation….

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