Old gay dating Horny chats samples

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i always had my fantasy to be loved forever by the first man that i met! after 3 lovers and 20 lying men only using me to fuck me hard as hell, i realized that the world is full of scavengers!

my term scavengers means everybody seems to have an agenda!

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But for some reason it’s really giving me some bad anxiety Okay so first of all I am in no way against younger and older guys sleeping with each other. I started sleeping with older men at 16 - first encounter was with a man (around 50) who’d been chatting to me online.

I started being sexual with older men when I was in my late teens and early 20’s at this time older men to me ranged from early 30s to 50’s. When we are young and in love we have very strange feelings, a mix of strong desire, lust, melancholy, etc. https://discord.gg/d Hc Pu YWThis is something I have been thinking about for a long time now.Pretty soon I’m going to be the older man in the young and old category and that’s starting to scare me As I am primarily attracted to men older than myself by 10-20 years.I know you would think since I’m married to a woman, why does any of this matter, I ask myself the same question everyday.

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