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This is all to give you an impression that such rich guy/girl can’t/won’t cheat you.They usually mention themselves working in foreign countries or as a military personnel or use the other trusted occupations.It is not that you are stupid and thus you got scammed, but yes one can really avoid such scams just by being a bit extra watchful.The scammers, especially the male scammers usually target the middle-aged ladies and particularly the one who has good money.If you are thinking that only a male scams girls/ladies, it is a myth.Girls or ladies are equally involved in such online dating scams.

Scammers play strong emotions- To be straight, you have to be cleverer than the scammer to identify him/her.Besides using internet for our work, playing games, shopping etc., millions of people use it find the love of their life.While the social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram also play an important role in dating online, but there are specific dating websites too.Such scammers try hard to gain your trust and they may also send some gifts to you in the beginning.They will take extra care of you and may also get possessive about you in just a few days.

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    If you wanna get noticed, it really doesn’t take much to receive the special treatment.

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    Options include the ability to connect with only strangers that have a webcam and connecting to strangers in specific countries.

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