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I'm not gonna lie to you, I definitely started watching Parenthood because I missed Lauren Graham something fierce.Lorelai Gilmore was long gone, but there Graham was, once again mothering a clever teenage girl.* Sarah Braverman isn't a Lorelai copy, it should be noted: She, too, is funny and lively and commitment shy, but she's also way more of a wanderer and an artist than Lorelai ever was.

Both get caught making out at school and the resulting gossip humiliates Graham's kids in both shows. A grumpy man — Luke, meet Hank; Hank, meet Luke — always serves as one source of tension in Graham's relationships with her daughter's lit teachers.

She also ran away pretty quickly from both Max and Mark (they've even got alliteration! Lorelai didn't leave Max for Luke, but it's partially a talk about marriage after Luke gives her a chuppah that spurs Lorelai to leave Max at the alter.

In Sarah's case it was her dynamic with Hank that led Mark to realize that she was gonna keep sabotaging their relationship.

It’s so nice to hear that the show was renewed and that Graham and Krause are in a new romance.

Maybe they were just on a friendly work colleague date, but it doesn’t sound like it!

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