Perfect 10 speed dating

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My clients appreciate the fact that they receive personalized, one-on-one coaching and counseling along the way to their perfect match.Other Colorado Springs dating sites simply can't compete with the quality relationships I've made and continue to pursue for my clients.Compatibility Testing A great deal of the success I enjoy over other dating services and matchmakers is based on the fact that I start with the things that really matter.The foundation of any happy, long lasting relationship is based on compatibility and the profile test I work with pin points my clients on a scale of "0" to "10" in six key areas of life: Once I receive your personality profile test scores, I will call you to go with the results.If you want to proceed with my ating services from there, you meet with me for a hour interview and based on the compatible singles already in my system and your preferences, we will discuss your options and the next steps to take on your journey to finding your perfect match.Personalized Coaching People come to me knowing they are going to meet other singles who are serious about finding that perfect match.

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Many of my clients have tried using dating apps and sites, but found them sadly lacking in the personal, human element so vital to successful matchmaking. I do the necessary vetting including age and divorce verification and optional background checks before arranging an initial meeting between two people.

Students read their chosen books and present book talks in front of the class.

They confer one-on-one with Krause, who monitors what each student is learning from their book.

Lists of Books They Like As students perused books, they added titles to their to-read lists for future reference.

Speed-dating sessions are held about four times a year, when Krause restocks her book collection.

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