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we also need to set primary key & auto increment for CREATE TABLE `course_details` ( `id` int(1) NOT NULL, `title` varchar(25) NOT NULL, `duration` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `price` varchar(10) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=Inno DB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ; ALTER TABLE `course_details` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`); ALTER TABLE `course_details` MODIFY `id` int(1) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT; After creating a new table, we need to create simple REST API Let’s create a simple API (no security layer added) for fetching data from My SQL database & display as JSON.

here we’re going to create multiple files for insert, delete, update operations.

The only part we don’t control is the frontend framework you use on top (Angular, React, Vue, or nothing).

This is significant: If there’s an issue in any part of the stack that we control, we can fix it right away.

Apache Cordova (and Adobe Phone Gap), created in 2008, is an open source project that enables web developers to use their HTML, CSS, and Java Script content to create a native application for a variety of mobile and desktop platforms.

This means that not all formats listed above are required.

Phone Gap PHP My SQL Example In this article, I would like to write an article about Phone Gap with PHP & My SQL.

Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises According to Apple's application guidelines, a tablet (i Pad) application should not hide the status bar while a handheld (i Phone) application should hide status bar.

The above dimensions are assuming that you have chosen to follow this recommendation.

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