Planning consolidating shipments warehouse

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—software system designed to integrate with ERP and MRP systems to enhance the short term production planning and scheduling systems that are notoriously inadequate in MRP systems.

APS systems have extensive programming logic that allows them to be more effective in dealing with rapidly changing customer demands.—advanced shipment notifications (ASNs) are used to notify a customer of a shipment.

The benefits to an using an ASP are lower upfront costs, quicker implementations, and the reduction of the need for internal IS personnel and mainframe/server hardware.

It is hoped that ASPs will allow small to midsize businesses greater access to technology than was previously available.

A standard allocation is an aggregate quantity of demand against a specific item in a specific facility, I have heard standard allocations referred to as normal allocations, soft allocations, soft commitments, regular allocations.

There are many variations on exactly how available to promise is calculated and it is also important to note that available to promise often works independently of allocation systems. With backflushing, the material is issued automatically when production is posted against an operation.Advanced shipment notification systems are usually combined with bar-coded compliance labeling which allows the customer to receive the shipment into inventory through the use of bar-code scanners and automated data collection systems.—allocations in inventory management refer to actual demand created by sales orders or work orders against a specific item.The terminology and the actual processing that controls allocations will vary from one software system to another.Available to promise may be calculated for each day or broken down into larger time buckets.The first time period will take on-hand inventory and add any scheduled receipts for that period.

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