Randy orton dating 2016

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From there, they kicked off a loving relationship which coincidentally was around the time Randy Orton had just gotten out of a marriage with Samantha Speno to whom he was married for 5 years.

Randy and Kim Marie Kessler dated for about 3 years before he eventually proposed to her in July of 2015 while they were on a beautiful vacation together in Bora Bora.

Kim Marie Kessler’s husband Randy Keith popularly known as Randy Orton is a wrestler, actor, and stuntman who features on the WWE show Smackdown.

He has also featured in a couple of movies in the past such as the 2011 film titled See Also: Tamika Smith – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About Method Man’s Wife After proposing to Kim in Bora Bora, she shared a beautiful image of her engagement ring on Twitter and fans went wild with happiness.

It was in 2001 he left his big break and signed together with the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in which his coaching lasted his early career took a hit when he dropped his first official game at WWF into Tommy Dreamer, but he wasted no time in getting his first success when he defeated Hardcore Holly and shortly became a Fan Favorite.

His wrestling career hasn’t looked back since this success.

She later narrated that when he proposed to her, she was filled with so many emotions at once that she started laughing! They got married four months later in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 14 of November, 2015 in a small ceremony attended by family and friends.

The two shared beautiful pictures of their special day on social media and fans could not get enough.

She went from being a diehard fan of wrestler and stuntman Randy Orton to become his wife!

That rarely happens except in the movies and we are more than happy for Kim.

She attained a lot of public attention when she first started dating Randy in 2012 following his divorce from ex-wife Samantha Speno and has remained in the public’s eye since.

The relationship between the two love birds started a very long time ago inside the head of Kim Kessler.

Hilarious but true because she once said in an interview with Renee Young that concerning Randy Orton, she had always considered him her boyfriend in her head for a long time.

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