Recovering alcoholic dating sites

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Having alcohol in the house (if you live together) could be a huge – and unnecessary – temptation that should be avoided.

Going out and having a drink is one thing, but the last thing you want to do is to keep alcohol around and put your partner into an uncomfortable situation.

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You’ll find that what you need to know depends on where he or she is on the sobriety spectrum.

One of the first questions people ask when dating a recovering alcoholic is whether or not you should drink around him. Like dating a vegetarian or being with someone with strict religious convictions, a recovering alcoholic may or may not want to be around people who aren’t sober.

Odds are good that they will be fine with your drinking, but it’s important to be clear on the issue so as to avoid problems.

If you’re dating a recovering alcoholic you’re part of their journey so it’s important to understand how you can support your partner, as well as knowing what you might encounter in your relationship.

Since each person will have a different journey to sobriety, it’s important that you understand your partner’s specific needs. You need to have a conversation about where your partner is in the journey and how you can support him.

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