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Whether you're actually checking Twitter every five minutes or not doesn't matter, so long as they know you could if you wanted to.To avoid looking stuffy, you do want to develop your own personal style.It's a way to visually show younger men (and women) that you're a part of the same community.You don't even really have to use it for much, in most cases — unless you're applying for a social media job or something like that, just having the phone is enough to convince people that you're still with the times.I recently received a letter from an older gentleman who wanted to know how a man in his 50s should be planning his wardrobe.Well – I decided to shoot this style video and give him 5 style tips I've learned helping mature men around the world dress better.

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Other small consumer electronics like tablets are good, too — the point is to make sure people see you with the same access to the digital world that they have.

Don't be afraid to change brand loyalties as you age, especially once you hit the point where your body is changing in size and posture.

Things that fit well when you were younger may stop working as you age.

A lot of them are targeted specifically at a younger, trendier crowd.

Styles that play off the insouciant look of youth — tousled hair, untucked shirts, undone shirt buttons, and so on — don't wear well on an older man.

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