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In 2007, WWE promoted the show as one of its own regular pay-per-view events but kept the ECW concept of Extreme Rules matches.

In 2009, WWE renamed the One Night Stand event to WWE Extreme Rules.

The 2009 Extreme Rules event was noted by WWE to be a direct continuation of the One Night Stand chronology.

However, the 2010 event was later promoted as only the second event under a new chronology, one that is no longer a direct continuation of the One Night Stand events.

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The eponymous Extreme Rules match has been featured at least once in nearly every event, although matches featuring other extreme stipulations (such as Last Man Standing matches, Steel cage matches, and Street Fights) have also been promoted.Paul Denton, who used to date Lauren, is openly bisexual and attracted to Mitchell Allen, who's dating Candice to prove to Paul that he's not gay. See more » The multi-region UK blu-ray release is the complete, uncut version (as the 2-disc French release).It is unknown as to whether this was a mistake or not, as there are no details on the BBFC website.He's also a drug dealer who owes a lot of money to "fellow" dealer Rupert Guest, as well as a well-known womanizer, for he sleeps with nearly half of the female population on campus. She's saving herself for her shallow boyfriend, Victor Johnson, who's left the States to backpack across Europe. Filmed at the University of Redlands in Southern California. They filmed three different dorms: Bekins, Grossmont, and Fairmont. In the opening credits, the students all run out of two huge double doors as if they just left class.Her slutty roommate, Lara, has the hots for Victor as well. In reality, the double doors are those of the Chapel.

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