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When a woman bent against the union of the countries attacks Naruto and Sakura must find a safe place for their children to hide.

it's now a race to find and stop this woman before she can get to the children. I took my old story 'Children Of The Future' and rewrote it following the updated manga more.

Lets show Seattle what Sakura-Con Cosplay is all about!Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke are going to get stronger and protect each other.They'll no longer leave it to change that they survived their mission.Oneshot Collection that may or may not be related Chapter 6: Naruto smiles, and for a moment he is sixteen again and not thirty-six and he reaches for her hand –- only to have his hand go through. Chapter 7: Tobi Saku Kaka - they've got a chance to do this right this time around Chapter 8: For a medic, Sakura’s an awful patient.In which Sakura loses a leg, and Kakashi takes care of his wife.

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