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Hurricane Dorian has killed at least five people and destroyed as many as 13,000 homes during its path of destruction through the Bahamas.

The catastrophic onslaught sent floodwaters up to the second floors of some buildings, trapped people in attics and led to others fleeing from one shelter to another.

Dorian's relentless winds and rain battered homes and businesses on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, which have a combined population of about 70,000 and are no more than 40 feet above sea level at their highest points.

The Grand Bahama airport was said to be under 6 feet of water.

One video shows Bahamians picking through debris as they try to salvage some of their belongings.

The Church is Christ’s presence on earth now, living by His Spirit, active in the lives of His people: it’s His on-going epiphany.

The Lord Jesus was born in a cowstall in the middle of the night while the whole world slept.

Epiphany shows us how that God reveals Himself to those who have eyes to see—then and now.

Two separate fatal accidents in Wilcox County left two dead over the weekend.

A single-vehicle crash on May 25 claimed the life of an Alberta woman.

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