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Petite and saucy in her lovely opening waltz, the ballerina showed both her temper and her romantic inclinations in developing a wonderful chemistry with her leading man.After neatly dispatching the thespian demands of Act II, Ms.As the boy who wears his heart on both sleeves - one for his Swanhilda and one for the distracting doll on the toyshop balcony - Sascha endeared himself to the audience in his portrayal of Franz's charming dilemma.Charismatic but free of vanity, Sascha's performance was a natural meshing of dancer and role.The Next Phase: Sascha, who became widely known outside the immediate sphere of classical ballet when he appeared in the 2000 film CENTER STAGE, returns to acting in the in-production Starz TV series FLESH AND BONE which is currently filming in Brooklyn and scheduled to premiere in 2015.Something tells me he'll be dancing a few combinations along the way.A few traces of end-of-season fatigue from the orchestra scarcely mattered, and the Company looked to be in fine shape, giving an extra dose of vitality to their dancing in honor of Mr. This production puts the , right where it should be, featured Adrienne Schulte squired by Sascha Radetsky, with Ms. Nevertheless, Devon Teuscher danced very attractively as Dawn and Luciana Paris rendered the celestial music of Prayer with beautiful phrasing and presence.Radestsky who is obviously a much-loved and admired colleague. Above: Xiomara Reyes Whilst recalling such iconic Swanhildas as Gelsey Kirkland and Patricia Mc Bride, I'm happy to say that Xiomara Reyes was well nigh perfect in the role.

After spending months performing and cultivating the next generation of dancers, Abrera, a principal ballerina at American Ballet Theatre, and Radetsky, a former soloist with ABT and current director of ABT’s Studio Company, often turn to nature as a way to re-charge and re-focus.

The conversation will be moderated by Michaela Dwyer, coordinator of the ABT residency for Duke Performances and Duke Arts.

The event coincides with the beginning of the ABT Studio Company’s first residency at Duke, during which they will work with Batten Bland on a new piece she is creating on the company.

Loved seeing Maria Kowroski, Wendy Whelan, Joaquin de Luz, Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel all joining in the celebration; and Sascha's wife, Stella Abrera (in a knockout black frock) elicited whoops of delight from the crowd when she appeared onstage to present her husband with a bouquet and a kiss.

Even after many bows and much cheering - with the bow lights off, the curtain firmly closed and the house lights blazing - the fans continued yelling "Sascha! " until finally the came out alone one last time, receiving the acclaim with his dazzling smile.

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