Scott caan jessica alba dating

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Bryce, a lawyer in New York City, has acquired the use of a luxury vacation house from a client he defended.While snorkeling, Jared finds artifacts on the sea bed that seem to stem from a ship wreck.He tries to explain the situation, but she leaves him, saying that 'they' are over.After nightfall, Jared, Bryce, and Amanda dive at the plane wreck to salvage the cocaine and more artifacts.

Sam insists on going to the police, and goes to the home of one of their friends, a local cop named Roy.The four of them investigate and find several other pieces that turn out to be the remains of legendary French pirate ship Zephyr.They also discover the crashed plane and its cargo of cocaine—Bryce and Amanda want to recover it, but Jared refuses, dispersing the brick they retrieved into the ocean.A sea plane flying on a stormy night malfunctions and crashes in the sea off the coast of the Bahamas.Jared and Sam are lovers living a rustic life in a trailer, next to the beach in the Bahamas.

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