Self consolidating concrete properties

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The influence of type of steel fiber, volume content of the fiber and substitution ratio of lightweight aggregate is analyzed.The relationship between splitting tensile strength and axial tensile strength of specified density steel fiber concrete is suggested.

de Sensale, Self-compacting concrete of medium characteristic strength, Construction and Building Materials 30, (2012), 776-782.

As it name implies, SCC is a concrete that is consolidated only through its self-weight, hence no additional compacting processes are needed.

In addition, the composition of the concrete must remain uniform during placement and pumping.

Concrete, a composite material composed of cement, water, sand, and gravel, the world’s most widely used construction materials.

In 2003, more than 110 million metric tons of cement were consumed in the United States (U. Department of the Interior 2004), hence it is important to understand the properties of concrete in order to ensure safe and durable structures.

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